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Vienna to Belgrade

Even with many plane connections available today, sometimes it is just more convenient traveling by car, and often even more cost-effective 👍

Are you travelling from Vienna to Belgrade (or from Belgrade to Vienna)? Did you know that this route is an easy 6-hour door-to-door ride? Private transfer is a convenient alternative to flying that is saving you from unnecessary hassle of catching a taxi, a train, getting to the airport couple of hours earlier, carrying your luggage through public transportation.... and then again when you land.

If you are not in a hurry, travelling this route by the car offers a great opportunity of exploring the places on the way.

Make a day-trip out of your transfer by adding some stops on your route. Vienna to Belgrade route is an easy 6-hour drive if travelling through Hungary, or just two hours longer if travelling through Slovenia and Croatia.

Both routes offer beautiful landscapes, opportunities of exploring historical sites, and variety of interesting lunch options on the way. Choose your route, contact us and book your best driving experience!


Are you still wondering what are the pros and what are the cons of travelling from Vienna to Belgrade with your personal driver versus travelling by plane?


  • travel at the time that suits your schedule

  • driver will pick you up at the location of your choosing, thus saving you from unnecessary hassle of getting to the airport and spending the time at the airport

  • no need for carrying the luggage through the city

  • you will arrive to your Belgrade city location in the amount of time similar to (if not even less than) the one needed to get to the Vienna airport, wait for the flight, take the flight, and then transfer from the Belgrade airport to your accommodation

  • offers the possibility of exploring the places on the route (Austria - Hungary - Serbia OR Austria - Slovenia - Croatia - Serbia)


  • more expensive option if there is only one passenger


Private Driver Serbia will take you to any place in Europe, picking you up and dropping you off at the location of your choosing. Our polite driver will help you with the luggage, while our reliable, comfortable and equipped vehicles will make your journey safe and enjoyable.

Check out what makes us stand out from our competition and why we are the most trusted transfer company in Serbia (and beyond):


Get spoiled with us!


+381 63 238273 (WhatsApp, Viber)

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